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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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German Cancer Clinics

German Alternative Cancer Treatments Miseltoe Therapy

Every year, thousands of patients travel from North American to Germany for medical care and alternative cancer treatment.


German hospitals and cancer clinics offer the world's most advanced treatments including Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy - IPT, and Dendritic vaccines.


They provide proven natural therapies such as Miseltoe therapy, and Galvano cancer treatment at a cost much lower than you can find in the USA or Canada.

Did you know that for decades, Germany has been a 'green' country?  Farmers there are not permitted to feed livestock with chemical laden grains. 

german cancer clinics


Their livestock cannot be treated with hormones and antibiotics as they are in the States. Their produce is free of harmful chemicals.


Even the beer is organic! Germany is a country that has much to offer.


It stands to reason that most medical treatments in Germany are also natural, and without harmful side effects. We work with several of Germany's leading cancer treatment centers.


Physicians in Germany understand the connection between health and nutrition. Compared to Germany's standard of care, treatments in other countries are considered barbaric.

How many times have you read about movie stars and politicians that travel to Germany for healthcare?


Galvano Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy - IPT Photo Dynamic Therapy

Is it any wonder that patients who take the time to research their treatment options choose to get medical care in Germany?


We work with several of Germany's leading cancer treatment centers.



Each clinic has its own specialty. Types of cancer that are treated include, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, and bone cancer.


We invite you to browse through our website and see which clinics are of interest to you.


Then call us – we will guide you through the maze of information out there and help you determine what might work best for you.

We're here to help you with a difficult and important decision that will put you back on the road to recovery. Put our decades of experience to work for you today!


Call us for more info: 


(941) 929-7317 Florida, USA
9:00 - 5:00 EST


Email: info @ germancancerclinics.com