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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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Prostate Cancer Hyperthermia Cures Without Side Effects


We’ve all heard the stories – men have surgery and radiation for prostate cancer and end up incontinent and impotent for the rest of their lives.  Anyone who does research learns that even seed radiation and HiFu treatments that don’t immediately cause side effects eventually cause these problems in nearly every single case. And surgery always carries its own risk.   Is it any wonder men look for alternatives to losing their sexual ability!

St. George Hospital in Bad Aibling has been offering trans-urethral hyperthermia for over two decades.   This treatment is painless and effective – St. George claims an 89.9% total cure rate.  The best part – there are absolutely no side effects.

Hyperthermia kills cancer cells with heat.  The blood supply to cancer cells is different that the blood supply to normal cells, and they are more heat sensitive.  Hyperthermia to the prostate interrupts the circulation to the cancer cells, forcing them to either die or preventing them from dividing further.


After injecting a local anesthetic, a probe is inserted through the urethra into the enlarged prostate.  This is very similar to a catheter.  Using short waves (radio waves), the prostate is heated to between 113 and 158 degrees.  In addition to killing cancer cells, the function of the prostate is changed, allowing urine to flow readily again.  As the hyperthermia is killing cancer cells within the prostate, the surrounding tissue will be able to build up a specific immunity, by allowing the immune cells to recognize the dying cancer.  This leads to a specific immunity against prostate cancer and explains the long lasting response, so patients rarely develop metastases.  This treatment takes a little over an hour, and is usually done twice during a 5 day stay at St. George.  Results are apparent immediately.  There are no complications or risks because this is not a surgical treatment.  The computer controlled equipment constantly monitors the temperature and voltage through out the procedure and a printer precisely plots and documents each phase of treatment.

Once admitted, a patient receives a thorough physical exam, extensive consultations, measurement of urinary stream, ultrasound tests to measure the size of the prostate enlargement/tumors and computer tomography where applicable.  In addition, patients receive medications and Infusions of Vitamin C and Selenium, sonograms and lab tests (PSA).
During treatment the patient sits in a recliner and is able to read or watch TV.  Patients often have treatment in the morning and go golfing or skiing in the afternoon.  This treatment is also used for prostatitis.  Normally patients have a follow up program of several months, and hormone blockers are used during that time.  

This treatment is only used for prostate cancer that is confined to the prostate.  For more information, call us, we’ll be happy to discuss your case and let you know if you are a candidate for this procedure.



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