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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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Raise Your Glass To Resveratrol

 Health benefits of Resveratrol alone or in conjunction with some form of caloric restriction include: lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, decreased inflammation, and weight loss. Other studies have shown inhibition of viral infections as well as many cancers, including three of the most common cancers in the US; prostate, colon and breast cancer. It is also a very powerful antioxidant..


My recommendations for supplements start with the basics; a purified, pharmaceutical grade fish oil, a high quality multiple vitamin, and vitamin D3. From there it depends on an individual's needs. Those needs take into account everything from activity level and mood, to family history and sleep quality. Resveratrol, although having been around for many years as a supplement, falls into sort of new category of supplements that can affect us on a genetic level.


The most cutting edge of anti-aging medicine is beginning to look at and treat disease and aging at the DNA level by taking supplements that manipulate genetic activity and increase the longevity of our genetic makeup. My point here is that some supplements have immediate impact such as melatonin for sleep or magnesium for constipation. Although there are immediate benefits to be had from Resveratrol, others may take decades to realize. Reducing the degeneration of your DNA will pay dividends down the road in the reduction cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.


I've seen enough research on this supplement to add it to my own daily regimen and think that it may be worthy of adding it to my basic recommendations list. If you are going to add it to yours, make sure you get a pharmaceutical grade supplement that provides trans-resveratrol and take 250 – 300 mg daily. If you are not ready to take that step, make sure your diet is rich in foods that contain this intriguing nutrient. At the very least you have one more reason to enjoy a good glass of red wine with friends, or your favorite doctor.


Until next time, Stay Healthy and Live Well.... Dr. Mike


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