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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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Hufeland Klinik

A Holistic Approach to Cancer Care

Founded in 1985 by the late Dr. Wolfgang Woppell, Hufeland Klinik treats cancer and chronic disease.


This stately 50 bed hospital is located in Bad Mergetheim, about 100 miles southeast of Frankfurt and 90 miles northeast of Stuttgart.

Dr. Andreas M. Demuth is now the Medical Director. Demuth has a background in cardiology, intensive care medicine and internal medicine.


He continues the clinic philosophy of treating the mental, emotional and physical body to achieve optimal results. 

"We don't treat cancer, we treat the person carrying the disease," states Dr Demuth.


"We feel it is very important to treat the psychological aspects of disease, and to involve the patient in the healing process." 

Although the clinic requires a medical diagnosis before admission, they do offer EKG, sonograms, color Doppler echos, Holter monitors, spirometry, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, and esophageal-gastro-duodenal scoping, tumor markers and other more extensive testing off site.

In addition to conventional therapy, Hufeland offers mistletoe infusions, Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT), pain management, biological therapies, immunotherapy, local and full body hyperthermia, fever therapy, physical and psychological therapy and, unique to Hufeland, art therapy.



Healthy organic vegetarian food is served at the clinic.


Dr. Demuth stresses that the earlier in the disease process the patient comes to Hufeland, the more promising the results.


According to Demuth, undergoing many rounds of chemotherapy can destroy the immune system, preventing healing with holistic methods. Patients newly diagnosed can expect the best results.

Patients usually stay about six weeks, and the cost is extremely reasonable.



There is no charge for the patient's companion to share the room, and additional guests may stay in nearby hotels or guesthouses.


Follow-up is as individual as the patient.


Patients continue the biological treatments at home, and often return in 1 or 2 years for additional 'refresher' treatments to keep their immune system strong.



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