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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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KLINIK MARINUS - Cancer Treatment

Dear Folks,


Just a note to thank you for your referral to Klinik Marinus am Stein. I was there for 3 weeks, and returned home to New Zealand in mid-February.

Dr. Weber and all his staff were really lovely and very helpful and caring. The daily treatments were a breeze and not at all uncomfortable. The injections and the IV drips were probably the only things I felt in any way but not a problem for me at all. In the afternoons, many of the patients gathered in the restaurant for afternoon tea and a great support group formed. Patients were from all over the world, including South Africa, UK, USA, Trinidad, Romania, Australia and Germany.


Dr. Weber told me on my final day that my PSA had dropped by 709% over the 3 weeks I was there. He gave me a report as I left, asking me to send him PSA test results after 6 weeks and then results of an MRI scan after 3 months. He said my PSA should continue to fall over the next few weeks, so a great result!


You probably heard all this before from other patients but I highly recommend the clinic to anyone contemplating cancer treatment in Germany.


Roger T., New Zealand

KLINIK MARINUS - Prostate Cancer

Hi Everyone:


Alleluia! Alleluia!!! He has risen and I am cured! Praise the Lord!.


Last week I had the C-Scan my G.P, John Phillips , ordered for me when the two uro0logist I had earlier seen abondoned me.after I rejected their treatment plan. .. I had an appointment with Dr. Phillips at 11:15AM today. He came into the office with my C-Scan report in hand and said, your cancer is gone!!!


Most of you know I rejected traditional treatment of 2 years of hormone therapy and 9 weeks of radiation(recommended by two different urologists) for alterrnative treatment in Brannenburg,Germany which was 8 days long and completed 7 weeks ago. My Gleason scores were very high-- three 7's two-8's and a 9 indicating very aggressive cancer. I have also been taking a large number of suppliments Known to kill cancer for the last three months.


Praise the Lord. This is a miracle. Thank you God.! We wanted you all to know.


I will see Dr. Phillips again in 6 months for a DRE,, PSA test and another C-scan.

Love to all. Jack and Lorraine


P.S. What a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary present from the Lord.


Jack V., Texas

KLINIK MARINUS - James A., Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Dear Marla,


Thank you for recommending the Klinik Marinus. It was everything your other testimonials suggest; Dr. Weber and his staff are truly amazing especially when compared the typical medical facility in the US. My story starts with a visit to an urologist in May of 2013. My PSA was a very high 54. A biopsy three weeks later confirmed "aggressive" prostate cancer. The options of conventional medicine and the side effects did not appeal to me. I had watched my sister and also a best friend die of aggressive cancers just a few years before. In both cases, it appeared to me that the treatment was worse than the disease. I began searching for alternative methods. 

I tried some drastic diet modifications and some alternative treatments in Mexico but none of these did much to lower my PSA or improve my symptoms. I discovered GermanCancerClinics.com on the recommendation of an alternative medicine physician and contacted Marla the next day. My records were forwarded to Dr. Weber who recommended that I make my way to Germany and be treated at his Klinik as soon as possible. The Klinik arranged our accommodations in the nearby village and for someone to meet us at the Munich airport at 8 am on a Sunday and drive us to the hotel.


The initial examination at the Klinik showed that my PSA had now risen to 81, but Dr. Weber was confident that the prostate cancer could be cured and carefully explained his treatment methods and his therapy philosophy. Like many alternative treatments, his method includes building the immune system, but the key element is the hyperthermia. He encouraged questions and explained what to expect. He also shared some pretty impressive case histories of patients who were treated years ago and are still cancer free.


An MRI was scheduled at a nearby imaging center on the third day of my treatment and the results were available the next day. It took me five weeks and two separate doctors to schedule the same test as a follow-up in the US. Based on his original examination and the results of the MRI, Dr. Weber recommended a comprehensive three week treatment plan. All treatments were performed at the Klinik by Dr. Weber and his staff and even though the Klinik was treating at least ten to fifteen cancer patients at a time, I felt that my case was being carefully monitored personally by Dr. Weber. He encouraged me and my wife to become completely involved in the treatment plan and insisted on hearing about my progress every day. He was tireless in his efforts and even made a "house call" at our hotel to deliver some medications one night on his way home from the Klinik.


I received treatments at the Klinik every day for twenty-two days. Most days I was finished just after lunch so my wife and I were free to explore the countryside for the rest of the day. We took many of our meals in the formal dining room at the Klinik. The food is excellent, all fresh and organic and perfectly prepared, much like you would expect at a five star resort. We rented a car and made several driving trips on some spectacular mountain roads. Brannenburg is just a few kilometers from Austria and every small village is quaint and welcoming. There are mountains in every direction and on a clear day you can see the Alps in the distance. All of this made our stay seem more like a holiday than a hospital visit.


By the end of my third week of treatment, I had met patients from all over the world. Many were there because of a success story from a close friend or relative. The Klinik has a book of hand written testimonials that is quite large and impressive. Dr. Weber has been getting positive results for some time.

After three weeks of treatment, my PSA was 36, down from 81. Four weeks after leaving the Klinik my PSA was 2.8 (that's two point eight) and four weeks after that, 1.7 (one point seven). Dr. Weber reviewed my follow-up MRI two months later and stated that everything is clear and he is happy with the result. I say that I am cured and all signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are gone.


James A.
Baltimore, MD



KLINIK MARINUS - Stephen G. - Advanced Prostate Cancer

I have just returned from spending three weeks at Marinus de Stein in Brannenburg, Germany.


Because of our excellent experience there I am happy to recommend it to others who are considering going to receive cancer treatment.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2014. After having a biopsy the urologist referred me for a bone scan and ct scan. Both of these came back negative for the cancer spreading beyond the prostate but the recommended treatment was for full radiation along with hormone therapy for three years because of the aggressive gleason score of 5 + 4 and psa of 10.

I began to look for other options and found the German cancer clinic website and gave them a call. The clinic in Brannenburg was recommended because of the success they have had in treating prostate cancer. I was pleased to be able to communicate with Dr. Weber via email who assured me that they have good success with my diagnosed condition and suggested a three week visit.

My wife and I made our preparations as soon as we could and arrived at the clinic beginning October 2014. What a wonderful time to visit this beautiful area of Barvaria. It was a vacation as well as medical treatment and the procedures were not debilitating in the least so we had several hours each afternoon and more on weekends to explore the region.

The entire experience was excellent from the very professional way I was treated by Dr. Weber and his wonderful staff of nurses to the excellent treatment facilities. We stayed at the clinic the entire time. The food was always well prepared and a large variety. All aspects of our stay were very positive and we were particularly pleased with the final psa score of 3., a 70% reduction in three weeks with the anticipation that it will continue to go down and the cancer eliminated.


Stephen G.
Vancouver, WA

HUFELAND KLINIK, Roy M., Glioblastoma

Good Day Marla,

Sorry it's taken awhile for me to write. I got back from Hufeland in April. As you know I was very worried about not taking my oncologists advice, but I had a friend who had had radiation to his head and I knew what he went through – the mouth sores, he lost all his teeth and it destroyed his salivary glands. I didn't want to go through that.

Thank you for helping me find the right clinic. The staff at Hufeland was amazing.


The treatments were not just effective, they were so interesting. When they explained how the treatments worked it made so much sense – there is no reason to poison your body and suffer all the side effects of conventional treatment.


I am so happy I went to Germany. I feel fine and am back to work full time. My last scan showed only a tiny bit of tumor left, and I may go back to Hufeland in a few more months for a booster treatment.

Thank you again for all your help,

Roy M, Melbourne, Australia

HUFELAND KLINIK, Nadia - Breast cancer


Here it is, the 3rd anniversary of my treatment at Hufeland Klinik. And praise the Lord I am still cancer free. Going to Hufeland was the best decision I ever made. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2001, my doctor really pushed me to have a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. And he said I would need to take Herceptin for at least a year.  I wanted no part of that!

I didn't do any conventional treatment at all. My mother went with me to Hufeland, and it was a wonderful experience. There are so many beautiful old castles in the area. Hufeland treated me 6 days a week so on Sundays we got to explore the area. One Sunday we took a train and went all over, stopping at small towns for snacks and shopping.

I stay in to touch with the doctors and I have an ultrasound and lab work done every so often and send them the results. I am eating organic and exercising and am looking forward to a healthy happy future.

Nadia L., Marina Del Ray, California

KLINIK MARINUS, Gina and Ralph B. - Liver Cancer

Hi Marla,

WOW! This is such a beautiful clinic with such caring doctors and staff. We have been truly touched by how thoughtful everyone has been to us. It is such a beautiful location with exquisite green mountains, crystal babbling brooks, open fields of alpine wild flowers and friendly people that this has become as much a vacation for us as healing the Big C.

Both Drs. Weber have been absolutely amazing to us both every need has been attended to with such care, love and thoughtfulness. The staff is truly exceptional and the nurses do not hurt any patients when they give injections or start IVs. Everyone is raving over that aspect. Our room is like a suite at a 5 star hotel. It's huge with a sitting area, coffee table, two nicely upholster armchairs, a leather recliner, big screen TV, antiques and silver accessories in each of the bedrooms and the public areas.


It look and feels more like a private country estate than a clinic.The dining room is painted in the prettiest, softest butter yellow with beautiful linens and fresh flowers on each table. It is such a happy room to enter, the colors just lift your spirits. And the food – where do I begin? Gourmet dining at its absolute best. Everything is organic, freshly prepared and beautifully presented. Luncheon is a 4 course affair with crystal, china and silver. I'm bringing a menu home and I'll scan it and send it to you. We had the best rack of lamb we've ever tasted anywhere in the world and the very best salmon. Wine and beer (organic!) is included with lunch and dinner in addition to a myriad of mineral waters, teas and coffees.

A free laundry service is provided so you don't have to pack that much clothing. The other patients have been so friendly and helpful. Thank you for getting us here Marla, we just love it and Ralph is improving every day.

Gina and Ralph B.  Burlington, VT

KLINIK MARINUS, Ron W. - prostate cancer

Hi Marla,

We left Phoenix at 7:40 am on the 3rd and arrived in Munich at 8 am on the 4th. The Munich airport is very big, very clean and modern and very efficient. It even has a "Prayer and Meditation" room. Our plane had lots of people and yet our bags were going round and round the baggage circle just waiting for us. From leaving the plane to being greeted by our driver holding a sign with our name on it ( I've . always wanted to do that) took only 15 minutes total.

We settled in for an hour's drive to the little town of Brannenburg. It would have taken us about an hour and a half – they fly! The Klinik is on the outskirts of the town and was built in 1934. It used to be a restaurant and stable. Dr. Weber completely renovated it beautifully. Each room has a TV, WiFi, and a bath. The area is meadows, trees and bordered by the Alps. Each room is bright and filled with sunshine. Right now it is 23 degrees and there is a lot of snow, with more expected.

The dining room is set very formally, first class organic and gourmet. This place is like a bed and breakfast, with lunch, dinner and 2 o'clock Tea and snacks. Lots of choices and the desserts are incredible.

There is a staff of about 20. They are all extremely friendly and pleasant. They all speak English some very well. It seems all they want to do it help you.

Dr. Weber is encouraging, laughing, caring and confident that Ron will be well. He is intense and disappointed if you don't seem as excited as he is. He's full of jokes and joy. We spent an hour with him and he explained what would be happening. He gave us case histories - one man had a PSA of over 5000! This was 30 years ago and he came back last year for a check up and is still all clear. Dr. Weber looked me in the eyes and said "you will have Ron with you for many years."

First they did the standard lab tests, urine, blood, and ultrasound to check the lymph nodes for Ron's lymphoma. Everything was normal. They did one treatment where they took lots of blood, added Ozone and then put the blood back in Ron. Cancer doesn't like ozone. Ron starts his hyperthermia treatment on Tuesday, plus he will have Vitamin C infusions and other immune system strengtheners.

There are about 15 patients here with their companions. It's a full house. People are here from California, Florida, Sweden, Portugal, Poland. This is not just a clinic, it is a house full of love, caring and healing. A healing home. Thank you so much for sending us here!

Georgette and Ron

KLINIK MARINUS, Sharon N. - breast cancer




I just got back from Klinik Marinus and wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU!




I can't say enough good things about Dr. Weber and his terrific staff. They are all so kind and caring. Everyone there is so knowledgeable and professional.


The food was wonderful, and I was impressed with the wide variety of treatments they offer. My tumor markers are almost down to normal already.


I made some great friends there – one weekend I went with a few other patients – we took the train to Austria for the day and got to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the Alps.


I can't thank you enough for suggesting I go there – I will always be grateful for your help.

S.N., New Mexico

LEONARDIS, Mary G. - liver cancer


6582871Mary G, liver cancer survivor with husband Al

Hey Marla,


Wow, you were not kidding when you said the Leonardis experience would be totally different than any hospital in the states. The grounds are so beautiful – we had a huge room with a balcony overlooking pastures and mountains in the distance. I can see why so many politicians and movie stars come to this clinic. We were treated like movie stars ourselves!


We did not expect Leonardis to be so modern or to have so much high tech equipment. They did a lot more testing that Mary had at home in Pennsylvania, and the treatments were very easy on her. She got stem cells as well as a host of other treatments. We were tickled to see they grow their own vegetables and fruits – everything was delicious! We've learned all about eating organic and continue at home.


Mary and I just wanted to let you know that her liver scans are now clear, and that Leonardis is helping us with follow up at home. I know you asked us for a report once we got home, so please forgive the delay, but we wanted to wait until we had this great news to share.


Albert and Mary G., Scottsdale, PA

KLINIK MARINUS, Jay H. - stage 4 prostate cancer

Guten Tag, Marla!


First, I must commend you on the wonderful and sorely-needed service you provide. I know many lives have been changed for the better. Keep up the good work!


As for my story, in November 2011 I received the shock of my life: I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. As I was being given the bad news, the adjective used was "aggressive", my PSA having doubled in just 6 weeks. Head spinning and emotions high, I scrambled to do online research and interviews with oncologists, surgeons and patients. After considering some of the "conventional" treatments (radical prostatectomy, brachytherapy, proton beam, chemotherapy, etc.) I grew increasingly uncomfortable with the outcome statistics, risks and side-effects, hoping and praying that there must be something better.


After trying one alternative treatment method here in the United States, the cancer returned aggressively after only seven months of remission. By that time I had stumbled upon the hyperthermia treatment available at many of the German clinics and became intrigued by the safe and gentle method but effective results it seemed to promise. I interviewed eight clinics in Germany, two in Switzerland. Although all were very quick and thorough in their responses and the costs were about the same, I chose Klinik Marinus am Stein in Brannenburg, under the direction of Dr. Axel Weber, as the best fit for me. So in mid-August 2012 my wife and I arrived in Germany for treatment.


Our first day at the clinic we were heartily greeted by Dr. Weber, a most delightful character with a great sense of humor, as is Frau Dr. Weber! He has extensive experience and excellent results with hyperthermia, especially for prostate cancer, and that morning he prepared a comprehensive plan for my treatment.


Interestingly, Dr. Weber is a trained surgeon, but emphasized there is absolutely no good reason to remove a man's prostate, ever! During my stay he was personable, approachable and checking on me frequently, even making house calls to our room to deliver test results. I only wish I could have brought him home with us! The staff were a very friendly, upbeat and efficient bunch, always knowing where I was supposed to be, always on time, and expected the same from me. They got a kick out of my clumsy attempts to speak German, but patiently took the time to teach me Bavarian greetings and phrases. The staff-to-patient ratio at the clinic was high, so I was quickly spoiled by all the personal attention. And what a healing place the clinic was! Nestled amongst the majestic Bavarian Alps, the clinic was more like a country bed-and-breakfast than a hospital, with comfortable rooms and healthy gourmet-quality dining, all set in the most charming surroundings imaginable!


Although most prostate cancer patients without metastasis require only a one-week stay at this clinic, my case was more complex, requiring a minimum 3-week treatment plan. By the end of the first week, my PSA was already back inside the normal range.


I was impressed! At the end of my third week, the results of my 3T MRI scans found no remaining evidence of cancer! I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, and would have been elated should the tumors be reduced in size, but quite frankly, I was not expecting such a good outcome! Today, at the time of this writing (December 2012) my PSA is under 1 and I feel marvelous--and I still have my prostate! Should that pesky cancer thing ever return, I will be on the next flight to Germany without hesitation.


Oh yes, during my stay at the clinic I met breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, sarcoma and other cancer patients from Japan, The Netherlands, Egypt, Australia, Germany and several from the States. Plus, I was not the only prostate cancer patient declared "cancer-free" during my time there.


In the space I have left, I want to convey to any readers considering treatment in Germany but are intimidated by the idea of traveling overseas to a country with an unfamiliar language and customs and different medical system, DO NOT BE AFRAID! For my wife and I, it was a breeze! In Brannenburg we felt safe and the locals were friendly and most accommodating. The German clinics welcome American patients and all speak English to some degree. And be skeptical of the uninformed doctor, friend or family member who is quick to criticize hyperthermia when he or she has never read a single German study! Besides saving you from some serious physical damage and lingering side effects, hyperthermia could very well save your life.


Grüeß Gott,

Jay H., California

LEONARDIS, Sam S - leukemia


Good Morning,


Thank you for sending us to Leonardis. We had been searching and searching for a place that could successfully treat leukemia – as you know, there are very few places that even attempt to help leukemia patients. When we found your website and called you, it was like an answer to our prayers. We were so impressed with the hematology department there!


Since we wanted to be with our son, the whole family went along. Sam's wife and little girls came with us, and we all stayed in a guest house on the grounds. We took turns with Sam's wife watching the children so we could all spend time with Sam. The hospital staff was so accommodating, and they totally understand about family support.


Sam is doing great and we plan to visit Germany again for a family vacation, as we all have such good memories of the area. Thank you again for all your help.


God bless,


Sharon S., Franklin, TN

HUFELAND, Harold K - kidney cancer

Hello from Sacramento!


It's been six months since Harold was treated at Hufeland Klinik. We really enjoyed our stay over there and got to see some castles and lots of great architecture. We liked that we had six weeks of treatment so that we had time to explore the area, and that we don't have to return for more treatment.


All the physical therapy helped Harold's pain, and his kidney cancer is so much better. The doctors have asked us to have tests done at home and to send them the results so they can keep him on a home program for awhile. It amazes me to see him so well and active again.


I know this note is overdue, sorry. Just wanted to say the long long trip was definitely worth it! We will try to send you a photo for your website soon!


Wendy K., Sacramento, CA

ST GEORGE, Gery F - prostate


Hi Marla,


It has been several years since I went for treatment to St. George. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on New Year's Eve. I remember the doc saying that he had good news and bad news, which did I want first? He said the good news was that I was still alive, and the bad news was that I had cancer and needed immediate surgery. He didn't even have my file on his desk, so I asked if he'd reviewed my records – then he asked a nurse to bring my file in to him. After looking at the file, he discovered that I had had a heart attack and two strokes, and said that he did not feel comfortable doing surgery. He said he'd send me to Sarasota, Florida to have chemo. I said No you won't as I know that is a death sentence. Then he suggested I go to Minnesota for cryosurgery. I said no, I am going to Germany. The doctor said I should only be treated in the USA. He was not even interested in what Germany had to offer.


I had toured Germany twice before. I knew the German people were friendly and would go out of their way to help – we got lost several times and the people were very helpful. I also knew that many politicians and celebrities had been to Germany for cancer treatment. I figured if these people with unlimited resources chose Germany, there was a good reason. I found your website and called you, and you helped me get accepted by the clinic, and made my arrangements.


The hospital sent a driver to pick us up at the Munich airport. The staff greeted us by name and offered us lunch. Then a nurse met with us, took us to our room and went over the treatment plan in detail. I had treatments in the mornings, and after lunch we were free to explore the area.


I was scared to death at first. After undressing and getting into the recliner, my heart was going a hundred miles an hour. Then another gentleman showed up. He told me he was scheduled for surgery in Frankfurt, but his brother had told him about this treatment so he cancelled the surgery and came for the hyperthermia instead. We were both chatting away, and before I knew it the treatment was over. I don't even know why I was worried!


We took our son out of school for 2 weeks, with the schools' blessing, and spent an extra week soaking up the German culture. Please tell your patients if they are going to work a vacation into their trip, I suggest buying train tickets in advance through RailEurope.com – you can buy packages for 3,4, 5 or 7 days and that includes all their trains, even the high speed train called ICE, for about $250. This is a huge savings. Also, tell them to check out websites like Tom P. Galvins Travel – it offers a wealth of information. I also got a book from Amazon for $12.00, called "60 One Day Trips in Germany" by Earl Steinbicker. And look up Cologne Cathedral – this church is over 3 blocks long and over 500 feet tall. It was built back in the 1800's without modern technology and it will blow you away!


My PSA is now .40. My wife is a nurse and she said when she listened to the doctors telling me NOT to go to Germany, she grew very suspicious. When she flat out asked them if they knew anything about the procedures in Germany they had to admit they did not, but they insisted that chemo and surgery were the way to go. My advice to prostate patients – go to Germany! Don't have chemo or surgery if you want to keep your functions!


Gery F.,
Kansas, USA

ST GEORGE, Sylvia T - breast cancer

1651721Sylvia T., breast cancer patient



We arrived today at St. George, and just made it before the volcanic ash started delaying flights again. We already met another couple here, the wife has the same kind of breast cancer I have. She has been here two weeks and she has already noticed her tumor getting smaller. We are greatly encouraged by all we are hearing from the other patients. I guess the people who have been here take us 'newbies' under their wings! Dr. Douwes is pretty amazing and we feel very confident we have found the healing we are looking for.


Just wanted to let you know we made it safely, and we will continue to send you progress reports.


Sylvia T., Destin, FL


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