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This organization is nationwide, and provides a monthly free house cleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy. 

If you visit their website you can read the details.  What a wonderful service this organization is providing!  They are based in Texas.


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ST GEORGE, Gery F - prostate


Hi Marla,


It has been several years since I went for treatment to St. George. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on New Year's Eve. I remember the doc saying that he had good news and bad news, which did I want first? He said the good news was that I was still alive, and the bad news was that I had cancer and needed immediate surgery. He didn't even have my file on his desk, so I asked if he'd reviewed my records – then he asked a nurse to bring my file in to him. After looking at the file, he discovered that I had had a heart attack and two strokes, and said that he did not feel comfortable doing surgery. He said he'd send me to Sarasota, Florida to have chemo. I said No you won't as I know that is a death sentence. Then he suggested I go to Minnesota for cryosurgery. I said no, I am going to Germany. The doctor said I should only be treated in the USA. He was not even interested in what Germany had to offer.


I had toured Germany twice before. I knew the German people were friendly and would go out of their way to help – we got lost several times and the people were very helpful. I also knew that many politicians and celebrities had been to Germany for cancer treatment. I figured if these people with unlimited resources chose Germany, there was a good reason. I found your website and called you, and you helped me get accepted by the clinic, and made my arrangements.


The hospital sent a driver to pick us up at the Munich airport. The staff greeted us by name and offered us lunch. Then a nurse met with us, took us to our room and went over the treatment plan in detail. I had treatments in the mornings, and after lunch we were free to explore the area.


I was scared to death at first. After undressing and getting into the recliner, my heart was going a hundred miles an hour. Then another gentleman showed up. He told me he was scheduled for surgery in Frankfurt, but his brother had told him about this treatment so he cancelled the surgery and came for the hyperthermia instead. We were both chatting away, and before I knew it the treatment was over. I don't even know why I was worried!


We took our son out of school for 2 weeks, with the schools' blessing, and spent an extra week soaking up the German culture. Please tell your patients if they are going to work a vacation into their trip, I suggest buying train tickets in advance through RailEurope.com – you can buy packages for 3,4, 5 or 7 days and that includes all their trains, even the high speed train called ICE, for about $250. This is a huge savings. Also, tell them to check out websites like Tom P. Galvins Travel – it offers a wealth of information. I also got a book from Amazon for $12.00, called "60 One Day Trips in Germany" by Earl Steinbicker. And look up Cologne Cathedral – this church is over 3 blocks long and over 500 feet tall. It was built back in the 1800's without modern technology and it will blow you away!


My PSA is now .40. My wife is a nurse and she said when she listened to the doctors telling me NOT to go to Germany, she grew very suspicious. When she flat out asked them if they knew anything about the procedures in Germany they had to admit they did not, but they insisted that chemo and surgery were the way to go. My advice to prostate patients – go to Germany! Don't have chemo or surgery if you want to keep your functions!


Gery F.,
Kansas, USA


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